Siebel Institute Craft Distilling Operations and Technology

June 4th through June 8th, 2012
Chicago Campus - Chicago
Course Materials:
Electronic copies of the lectures (PDF) are included in the tuition.
Printed copies are available for an additional USD 50.00 and have to be ordered at the time of application.

The Siebel Institute Craft Distilling Operations & Technology course is designed to give students the critical information they need to create distilled spirits in a small-scale distillation environment.
Students will learn the theory behind working successfully in small distillery operations as well as related management and logistical issues.

With content created and presented by some of the leading international experts in distilling, this course will give you the training you need to operate your distillery efficiently, safely, and profitably. During the 5 days of the course, you will learn production techniques involved in distillation from grain, fruit and other products from start to finish.

If you are considering entering this quickly-growing segment of the alcoholic beverage industry, the Craft Distilling Operations & Technology course will give you a foundation of understanding on which you can build a successful career in craft distilling.

Topics covered in this comprehensive 1-week program include:

  • Introduction To Distilling
  • Materials and Processing
  • Fermentation - Theory & Fundamentals
  • Fermentation - Distilling Applications
  • Distillation Technology: Fundamentals of Distillation
  • Distillation Technology: Applied Methodology
  • Post-distillation: Flavor Development/Maturation/Blending of Distilled Spirits
  • Packaging
  • Sensory Aspects of Distilled Spirits
  • Utilities: - Energy, Water
  • Process Control
  • Quality Control, Plant Cleaning & Microbiological Control
  • Craft Distillery Management
  • Taxation and Compliance
  • Environmental Issues
  • Engineering and Maintenance
  • Field Trip to Koval Craft Distillery in Chicago

This program is also offered on the following dates:

Date Course Venue  
Jun, 1st - Jun, 5th 2015 Siebel Institute Craft Distilling Operations and Technology Chicago Campus » Details


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